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Frequently Asked Quetions

ICQ Feeds
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ICQ Feeds
When I connect a social network to ICQ, who can see my activities?
Depends on the feeds:
Feeds you get are feeds that you're authorized to see on your various social networks (according to your friends' privacy settings). For example, if you have a Facebook friend that published something on Facebook, you will see it on your ICQ. Only you will be able to see this, and not any of your other ICQ contacts.

Feeds you publish can be seen once you connect your social network (such as Facebook, twitter, flickr and more) to your ICQ. After that, anything you publish on those sites can be shared on the ICQ network. When setting up the service, you can select who on ICQ will see your activities. You can choose between “no one”, “contacts only”, and “Everyone”. “Contacts only” means that anything you publish on Facebook for example, will be seen by all your ICQ contacts. “No one” means that you will only get your Facebook updates displayed on your ICQ, but anything you publish on Facebook will not be shared with your ICQ contacts. “Everybody” means that when you publish something on Facebook for example, everybody on ICQ (not just your contacts) will be able to see it on your ICQ profile.
I installed ICQ 7. How do I start getting my Facebook, twitter and other social networks updates directly to my ICQ?
Go to the “feeds from friends” tab on the ICQ Contact List. Want to get all your updates from Facebook, twitter and others? Click on the “settings” button, choose the social network you want to get updates from, and follow the directions to set it up. You can then see all the updates on the “feeds from friends” tab, or on your ICQ profile at.
I installed ICQ 7. Do my ICQ friends see my tweets on twitter now?
Not yet. In order to share your tweets with your ICQ friends, you need to set it up first through ICQ Feeds settings. During the setup, you can determine who on ICQ will be allowed to see your tweets: every ICQ user, only your contacts, or no one. If you choose “no one”, you will get your friends’ tweets into ICQ 7, but anything you publish on Twitter will not be shared with the ICQ community.
When I comment on someone’s Facebook post through my ICQ, is my comment shown on Facebook?
Yes, it is shown on Facebook.
What kind of activities can I see on ICQ?
  • Status updates and pictures from your ICQ friends
  • Status updates, pictures and videos from all your Facebook friends
  • All your tweets from twitter
  • Pictures from Flickr
  • Bookmarks from Delicious
  • Videos from YouTube
  • Updates from MySpace and more.
Why is ICQ the best way to stay updated with everything that’s happening with my friends?
  • it's easy to see everything: all the feeds from all your networks are displayed in one place. No need to open a browser, check your Facebook, then your twitter, then your flickr and so on. Just open ICQ, and it’s all there, together at one place.
  • Update your status so everyone can see: have something to say? Again, no need to go anywhere. Just post your status from your ICQ contact list and it will be published on Facebook and twitter as well. When you connect your Facebook or twitter to ICQ, you can choose whether you want to have your ICQ status updates posted on these services. Want to post something only to your ICQ friends? You can always go back to and change your settings again.
  • All the feeds from all your friends: you are using ICQ, but we know that you have a lot of friends and a lot of things happening at other places as well. From now on you can use your ICQ to see what ALL your friends are doing, even if they are not ICQ users at all but just your Facebook friends or twitter followers.
  • Best fit: No matter where you are - we do our best to offer you a connection to the services that interest you the most.
Why do I see icons appearing next to my contacts?
Whenever one of your contacts updates something (status, pictures and more) on ICQ, Facebook or other social networks, an icon will appear next to their name. You can click on the icon to see their latest activities on their profile, or just open the “Feeds from Friends” tab to see the updates there.
What are those bubbles above the tabs on my ICQ?
They indicate that you have new updates or notifications waiting for you there. Don’t need the bubbles? You can turn them off through Settings > Notifications
Why do I see only part of my Facebook feeds on the “Feeds from friends” tab?
By default, you will see the activities of your ICQ contacts (on ICQ, Facebook, twitter, YouTube, and other places). To get ALL your activities from all your friends on social networks like Facebook and twitter, you need to set it up first through ICQ Feeds settings.
My box
What is My Box? What will I see there?
On My Box you can see notifications about activities that are most relevant to you: someone commented on your status, someone liked your picture, someone added you, and so on.
How do I share pictures with my friends on ICQ?
  • Status box – share pictures with all your friends (including your facebook friends)
  • Picture sharing – send pictures to your friends and let them enjoy a cool viewing experience.
SMS tab
Can I send SMS to my friend's mobile phone through the new SMS tab?
Yes. Now you can send SMS from ICQ to mobile numbers. Simply go to the SMS tab, enter the mobile number and the message and click “send” – just like on your phone!
*The SMS service is available only in supported territories
User Profile
What can I share with my friends on my profile?
  • My pictures: all pictures that you uploaded in your status note on ICQ will be shown on your profile. You can also upload and share as many pictures as you like on your profile
  • My friends: now you can allow others to see your ICQ contacts and connect your friends with other friends.
  • My updates: all the status updates that you published on ICQ will appear on your profile. Also, once you connect your ICQ to other networks such as Facebook or twitter, anything you publish on those networks can also be shown on your ICQ profile if you allow it.
Can I see all my photos and updates on my ICQ profile?
Your profile on ICQ includes your latest updates, photos and friends. To see your entire profile, simply click on “full profile” and go to your web profile.
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