ICQ 6.5 Features

Let the show begin! Check out ICQ 6.5's top new features created especially for you. We hope you enjoy the following features as much as we've enjoyed creating them!

ICQ 6.5 Features
ICQ 6.5 Open-Xtraz gives you more! ICQ Open Xtraz are web based applications developed by ICQ users for enriching your ICQ experience. Now you can create, download, use and share with friends fun and useful applications such as music, games, gadgets and tools. Add as many as you like!
You can find the list of Xtraz for download on the Xtraz Gallery.
Develop an Xtra Whether you are a seasoned or starting developer- try it out! Create your own Xtra application and you could share it with ICQ's millions of users around the world.
Check out Developers Zone.
Best IM Ever
SMS Send your friends an SMS from your PC with ICQ. Your friends can SMS back from their mobile directly to your ICQ message window.
Extra-quick IM Could IM be any faster? Yes it can! Now you have the option of sending and viewing instant messages directly from within your Contact List or from the message notification.
Voice and Video Chat Want to write to your friends? Talk to them? Just stare at their face? You can do it all! ICQ 6.5 lets you use each communication panel separately, or do it all in a single window.
Follow Me Away from your computer but want to stay connected? The Follow Me feature allows you to do just that. Simply set your status to "follow me", enter your mobile number and all of your instant messages will be forwarded directly to your mobile.
This feature is available only in supported territories.
Tabbed Conversation View Manage all of your conversations in a single message window. With ICQ 6.5 you can switch back and forth from conversation to conversation simply by clicking on the tabs at the top of the window.
Multi Chat Now you can chat with multiple people in one message window.
Fun and Games
The universal icon language is now on your ICQ. Zlango is a new way to communicate, using fun signs and symbols. Want an example?
Emoticons gallery New and fun emoticons are now available on your message window. Personal Status Manager What is your mood? Choose the image that best describes how you feel right now and all your friend will know about it. Game Center
Hey, it's gamers' heaven! RPS, Zoopaloola, Zuma and many more games now all in one place.
Birthday Reminder They say it's your birthday ... with our birthday reminder all you need to do is add your birth date to your profile and all your friends will be notified it's your birthday.
More Features
Conversation History Some people can't throw anything away. ICQ automatically saves your conversation history, so you can sort and search for important messages. Advanced Search Options Find what you need right from your Contact List Window: Searching from your Contact List has never been easier. You can either search for information on the web or for contacts directly from your Contact List window.
Easy Access to Unread Messages Too popular to address all incoming messages? The message notification box allows you to quickly check all the messages that were received while you were busy.
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