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    Video calls

    Free video calls in ICQ mobile. Meet up with friends, anywhere and anytime.

    Share photos

    Share your brightest moments - send photos to your friends in ICQ Mobile.

    Connect ICQ to social networks

    Connect your Facebook account and chat with your friends directly from ICQ.

    Sync with your phone contacts

    Add your phone contacts to ICQ. Use free messaging and forget about costly SMS charges.

    Login via phone number

    Start using ICQ Mobile without UIN registration – it’s easy and fast. To login to ICQ simply type in your phone number and enter the activation code sent to you via SMS.


    With PUSH-notifications in ICQ Mobile you will never miss an incoming message. Even if the app is inactive, a PUSH-notification will let you know if you have a new message from one of your friends.


    Start chatting in ICQ Mobile and continue the conversation from your computer. ICQ allows you to simultaneously stay online on your computer, mobile phone or through Web ICQ.

    Chat history

    You can always continue a conversation you once started and easily remember its details thanks to chat history in ICQ Mobile.

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