Word Filter
Word Filter
Filter Incoming Messages - Create a List of Words You Prefer Not to Receive
By creating a list of objectionable words, ICQ enables filtering content of incoming ICQ messages, URLs, requests (chat, file transfer, contact & icqphone) plus Global Directory & Chat With a Friend searches.

In this section we help you: Set Up Your Words Filter

  1. Click -> Security & Privacy Permissions -> Words List (under General Settings).

  2. Click Unlock (Enter Password). Enter your ICQ password in the Password field.
  3. Click OK to enable the Words List options.
  4. To create a list of words, click Add in the Words List window.

  5. Enter the objectionable word or URL in the Enter Word field.
  6. Click OK and the word or URL will appear in your Words List.
  7. Specify how the filter should work by selecting from the three radio buttons in the Filter Action window.
  8. Decide whether the filter should be applied only to entire words by checking the Replace/Discard only the entire word box.
  9. Specify the ICQ features that the Word Filter should work with by selecting them from the radio buttons in the Filter Enabled On: window.
  10. Click Apply to save, or Cancel to exit without saving your changes.
  • Enter URL addresses without the http:// prefix to increase the scope of URL filtration.
  • Take a word or URL from another file by right-clicking and using Copy and Paste.

Update Your Words List

  1. Click -> Security & Privacy Permissions under General Settings -> Words List.

  2. Highlight a word or URL from the Words List window, and click Edit or Remove.
  3. Select Import List to import a list of words or URLs from another file or user.
  4. For more information about this feature, select Web Help.
  5. Click Apply to save, or Cancel to exit without saving your changes.
  • To save your Words List in another file or send it to another user, select Export List.
  • The Words List feature is applied to incoming events before they are posted on your screen. Please be aware that this feature does not filter outgoing ICQ events and, except as specified in this page, it won't filter any other information or content available on or through the Internet.
  • This feature provides limited filtration and may not filter any or all of the words and URLs that are listed on your Words List. The Words List may not apply to all parts of a given ICQ event's content or information (e.g. the additional text that might accompany voice messages may not be filtered).
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